7. The main feature is to take a screenshot at a user defined regular interval. Mar 30, 2011 · Hi everyone, I'm a hunter and I use a lot of macro's because the hunter truly has too many buttons to push. 29K Useful additions to make a Hunter's life even easier! NOTE: To move buttons, first hold ALT then drag the first button. Obviously, this is a transition period, so I  on Vanilla Wow Hunter. 1. EDIT: I just logged in and tried the first one. 4 Siege of Orgrimmar, Mists of Pandaria Posted on: 08-28-2012 - Updated on: 02-01-2014 - viewed 33289 times Jul 28, 2018 · YaHT (Yet another Hunter Timer) is a crucial addon for any Hunter in Vanilla World of Warcraft. This macro makes you automatically target and shoot (or multi-shoot) a nearby Deeprun Rat. Tailoring. This isn't always useful as you may want to mana up after casting Hunter's Mark, but for open world and non-raid-boss encounters, it is convenient. 5 Agility) Aug 15, 2018 · Azortharion recommends the following: -- Because the in-game auto-cast system for Hunter pets is very slow, it is recommended to put these 3 lines into macros for all of your offensive spells. Key Bindings available for all buttons. Overview. Y: Vanilla WoW Lazy Hunter Macros Vanilla WoW Guides The reason Multi Shot is first because the macro button will show the cooldown of the first spell in the list Mar 02, 2018 · This is an amazing one button macro for handling your pet while in combat. For additional Hunter macros, please visit my macros page. Last year I also joined the Method EU MDI team. This video explains why and what the macro was. Jun 03, 2019 · 2:18 - Intuitively understanding autoshot 3:16 - Using an autoshot addon 5:50 - Kiting while losing no damage from autoshot 7:00 - Using your rotation around autshot timing This series is meant to Vanilla hunter macros 2. Macros – Classic WoW Hunter. 26 kB Downloads: 7227 Updated: Jul 31, 2015 Categories: ClassCombat Download Description ZAspect, ZTrap, ZTrack, ZPet Spell button bars to save space. 5, written by Method world first raider Meeres Vanilla Wow Private Servers. Classic WoW Hunter Macro Guides This guide was written in 2020 and is relevant for the WoW Classic release of the game as well as private servers. Unlicense License Releases 10. If it's behind you or you run past it etc, your pet will kill it for you. 0) You can make it so if for example, you press 1 which cast's Hunter's Mark and if you press 1 again, you'll start autoshotting. The shot bar turns white when an Auto Shot / Shoot projectile leaves the player. Dec 19, 2019 · Setting up WoW Classic Warrior macros isn’t any different from creating macros for any class. This is very useful and especially even more in the steady shot macro cause it will give a little more burst to the shot since it will not w8 for a chimera to shot before the autoshot is toggled on. If there is cc present, allow the third attack to be an autoshot. Aug 16, 2017 · I will post here add-ons you need to have in vanilla in order to pvp, i tested all the links here so it's safe and working. “how to play a hunter for rogues” 😉 Fiancee’s other 70 is a rogue. Hunter pet intimidation macro. com, enjoy the cheapest price, 100% safe, fast delivery & 24/7 live support. I wish I knew what the problem was! It makes me sad that other hunters are having difficulty with it. A World of Warcraft community for exchanging macros. Auto Shot is the core of your abilities, used for everything from initiating on a new target (before Aimed Shot) to doing most of your damage in dungeons and raids. I'll be likely just dumping to this as I parse threads. It is abridged here for brevity only. Hold ALT to Drag the first button. Macros were (and are) useful especially when a sequence of instructions is used a number of times (and possibly by different programmers working on a project). Sep 13, 2012 · Mouseover macros let you target a player and cast a spell in just one movement. Classic Wow Hunter Addons Vanilla Wow Hunter - Guide. … During the vanilla period, most of the tribe's Hunter was Troll. Continuing my Macro listings, I’ll post some Druid Macros! These macros are all thanks to World of Warcraft Druid Forum. 5 Agility) Jun 24, 2017 · It is a hole created by the toggle on Autoshot (the same reason we use the ! in the macros). A large collection of Vanilla WoW Addons (1. com These macros are made for the 1. One thread I found on the Hunter forums is this one. /script if GetComboPoints()>=5 then CastSpellByName("Eviscerate") else CastSpellByName("Sinister Strike") end For those looking for the challenge of acquiring rare tamable hunter pets, here are a few Addons and Macros that are must haves: ADDONS TomTom TomTom is a must-have for tracking the new Pandaren Rare Hunter Pets. Also has Hotkeyed partially automated Pet Feeding Macro options. Classic uses the modern macro API which introduces a few new features while limiting some potentially abusive ways that they were used in the old 1. Patch 1. . If you are looking for CLASSIC WoW (beta 1. While the bar is white, the player can move and cast freely without clipping their next Auto Shot or Shoot. This did not work BEFORE Patch 2. I was hopping I could get a list of Mods that most of the hunters are using and which ones they find better than others. Please feel free to help contribute to this, and organize it better. I would suggest using YaHT (Yet Another Hunter Timer). I use the normal button range, alt mod and shift mod with the same button range, and I'm still short handed (somehow my game won't accept the ctrl mod, help anyone?) So I was wondering, is it possible to make a melee/ranged macro on the same button and mod. It is a hole created by the toggle on Autoshot (the same reason we use the ! in the macros). Tailoring works well for casters, especially when paired with Enchanting The two most mana-efficient shots for a hunter are Auto Shot (which obviously costs no mana) and Steady Shot. Wow classic minimap tracker. Install. 8 rage, we drop the remainder so I get 3 rage a hit. 4 Siege of Orgrimmar, Mists of . WoW; but most, if not all, has been discontinued, changed, or protected. Auto Shot Welcome to the Patch 8. 4. Sept. Good luck with your Holy Paladin in Wow vanilla! Feel free to share this guide with your friends/guild. 12. Auto Shot Macro. Hunter spirit mend macro. /m to open the macro menu WowPedia has a nice article that goes into more detail about macro's. KT time !! All phases are under controll !! DONT MISS THIS EPIC FIGHT Feb 02, 2020 · This is a nice lazy macro for initiating a fight; it will auto-target the nearest hostile, send your pet in to attack, use Auto Shot and cast Hunter's Mark at the same time. If the target is an enemy it casts Hunter's Mark and if target it friendly it sets the focus. Both of these get you your most damage-per-mana-buck. Navigation WoW Vanilla Addons. MaxDPS Recommends: Amazing 1-100 Leveling Guide! Fully Updated for Warlords of Draenor: Available NOW! Hunter Douglas window treatments may be purchased through a window-treatment specialist. Use it to create a single macro usable in different specs: /cast [spec:1] spell in first spec; [spec:2] spell in second spec; I never used /focus before but have found it very useful in instances recently (see the misdirection macro). ” Well to tell you the truth it is a fact that 60-70% of a hunter's dps is white hits (non spell attacks ie autoshot). muhshuh last edited by Jan 02, 2008 · Hmmm. Switching targets should now continue firing on the newly Useful additions to make a Hunter's life even easier! NOTE: To move buttons, first hold ALT then drag the first button. 1 and beyond. 0 and faster weapon down to a 1:1 speed, not sure how many BM's use a 3. 1 - AUTO SHOT As strange as it might sound to have a macro for something as simple as Auto Shot, this is actually pretty important. Automatically shoots the target until cancelled. I make use of these addons very heavily: SuperMacro allows the creation of longer macros than the default and the ability to run one macro from another, which is used in several macros below. « Back to All Downloads (0) « » Download Details Author: Alex Version: 1. Dec 01, 2011 · Hi, I'll share a macro I made for my hunter. PVP Hunter Analysis Alliance Hunter's best choice for PVP is also Dwarf with Stoneform, which can remove Rogue's Blind in addition to bleed. I want to turn auto shot on, and if I press the button again it doesn’t turn auto shot off. Can replace Deeprun Rat with other critter name to modify. I spoke to a few hunters in game and got mixed answers and it seems that something like this would be hard to be sure of without video evidence. It will automatically choose which attacks to perform based on your distance from the target. Contents[show] Spells Casting spells no longer requires the (Rank x). 1, Blizzard also added a few quality-of-life changes. But SoC had a downside. Jun 10, 2019 · Shadowmeld > Stealth (Night Elf only) /cast Shadowmeld /cast Stealt Stealth Eat Macro #showtooltip /cast *food here* /cast Stealth Rogue Sinister strike until 5 combo points then use Eviscerate. dream hack rus autoshot. If you time it well, you can actually get a good increase in dps while soloing. Hunter Class Guide Based on the original guide written by Cruzix January 2017 Main Attributes and Stat Values Main Attributes. This takes alot of practice to do this right and it will change person to person depending on latency. Auctionator also eliminates the tedious process of item posting and auction management by semi-automatizing these operations. This macro will also automatically target a viable enemy in front of you if you do not have something already targeted. ALSO it won't toggle off your ranged auto attack if you spam it. You may want to switch those modifier keys depending on your preference. Here you will find useful, guaranteed to work macros for Wow hunters. Sep 02, 2019 · These macros are made for the 1. Find out about the best spec, optimized rotations, macros and desirable gear to become the best DPS Hunters in Classic WoW. 3; WotLK 3. First, you’ll have to open the Macros window – either by typing /macro (or simply /m) in the chat or choosing Macros from the Main Menu. Ranged Macros, Feed Pet Macro, Ranged Macros, Feign Death Freezing Trap Macro, Wing Clip Macro Feb 02, 2020 · This is a nice lazy macro for initiating a fight; it will auto-target the nearest hostile, send your pet in to attack, use Auto Shot and cast Hunter's Mark at the same time. For valid macro information, refer to Making a macro, Useful macros, or UI beginner's guide. Wow Classic private servers were the first released version and have maximum player level 60. 7). Aug 25, 2019 · Pounce and Rake Druid WoW Vanilla Macros Welcome to our Addons & Macros manual for Druids at which you may learn what the top addons and macros are on the Druid in WoW Classic . Alternatively, designate a particular bag slot. it WILL NOT WORK properly if this line doesn’t correspond with your Auto Shot hotkey: IsAutoRepeatAction(3) If your Auto Shot ability is placed on hotkey 3, that means it should be (3) in the macro. 9 second weapon for 250 on average. Leveling. Adds Tooltip info for Targeted Beasts if they have a Learnable Pet Ability. Let's say: #showtooltip Nov 20, 2008 · Personally, I don't even use a macro any more on my hunter, much easier just to Steady and hand-weave in the few other shots. It will target the nearest mob, send pet, cast hunter's mark (only once, even if you spam the key) and start shooting. For example my autoshot macro is on button 1 so IsAutoRepeatAction(1) is in my macro Jun 24, 2007 · this Macro will set the casting sequence fo your auto shot and your SS together, sorta a way aroudn the timers. Before I start, you need to realize this is not a complete 1-60 leveling guide, it's just a guide that will help you find some good grinding spots, if you need a leveling guide, the best one is Joana's Classic WoW leveling guides. 0189% (1% crit per 52. 7s or so swing time between your shots. Pet Attack Macros. Some people think that Night Elf's Shadowmeld works well in PVP, but the vanilla period Shadowmeld can only be used in non-combat situations. It still is if you have a tiny mana  8 Dec 2008 This macro will set up and use Misdirect on a pre-specified tank. The most damaging special shot should be used if available. 08-30-2008 #2 Jan 03, 2017 · That's really unfortunate. This macro (technically a set of three macros) lets you bind your Melee attacks and AutoShot attack to a single button. 14 Beta Latest Apr 24, 2020 + 9 releases Feb 06, 2012 · a really simple macro for PvP Rogues, when you are spamming Sinister strike and dont watch for Reposte, this macro does the work for you. 12; TBC 2. Welcome to Vanilla WoW DB, a database for World of Wacraft Classic and Vanilla WoW! Browse and find weapons, armor, maps, quests, and more for WoW Classic and Vanilla WoW! This Database is currently set to show world data for Patch 1. Toujours actuelle pour la dernière mise à jour (8. 1 and changes to spells such as Kill Shot being placed on the GCD, meaning that some of these macros may no longer work. You also might wanna get the Addon NoToggle if you don't have it already, helps when using auto attacks or wands in a macro. 3. _____ MACROS _____ Auto Shot This macro makes it so your auto shot no longer can be accidentally toggled off. Agility Increases attack power with melee weapons by 1 and ranged weapons by 2 Increases your crit chance by 0. Jan 03, 2017 · 2. aquila spoofer. Oct 01, 2019 · Pet Macros All pet abilities in one button / AI. SHunterTimers seems to be a no brainer. In order to use it you must have the spells [Call Pet] & [Revive Pet], or simply, a Hunter's Pet. It clips and Raptor Strikes the target in one swipe. See the macro links at the end of this guide for details. Chasseur est un classe de World of Warcraft Classic. 5; SuperMacro BM hunters: Quicker shots - One special shot between each autoshot. I was most certainly not as mana efficient as a BM hunter, who could, by and large, must spam a Steady Shot macro, and Serpent's Swiftness and pet DPS would carry them to great DPS numbers. There’s some for your pets and shot macros. which works amazing as a start off but then i have: /castsequence reset=3 Steady Shot, Auto shot /cast Arcane Shot /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear() Use to have multi shot in there but took it oout and no point in having kill command as it has a GCD 🙁 i’m stuck. This is useful for the usage of a feeding macro which should look like this: /cast Feed Pet /script PickupContainerItem (0,3) Whereas 0 is your first bag and 3 the third slot of it, this is where your food should be. #showtooltip /cast Hunter's Mark /cast Auto Shot /petattack. Hand-grinded Vanilla WoW Gold for sale, always in huge stock. TomTom, like its namesake, is a GPS type app. 91 Agility) Increases Armor by 2 and Dodge by 0,0377% (1% dodge per 26. C. DA: 65 PA: 47 MOZ Rank: 78 DPS Macros. Although it’s likely to perform flawlessly together with all the default UI, there are lots of critical things missing which can make your life harder. So you can now have a macro that says: /cast Holy Light, and it'll cast your highest rank Im a hunter from 2006 , and i use this macro all the time with no problems at all. + steady shot hits for ALMOST the same amount as Auto's do. Rare Liberty Rand Paul: “The establishment is very much opposed to shedding any sunlight on the Federal Reserve” Jack Hunter, Rare Editor March 6, 2018 Rare POV Conservatism today This CPAC speaker slammed the current conservative movement, and it’s a message the audience needed to hear Former Rare Staff , February 26, 2018 Custom Hunter Macros for Vanilla World of Warcraft. Text Small Addon Package with in game lookup for Tamable Pets and which Beasts have Learnable Pet Abilities (Ported from Petopia at the Time of TBC). If you have any questions, read the FAQ first. These loveable Critters glide from tree to tree by jumping off high limbs, spreading the folds of skin between their legs, and gliding downward. 6 (2007-01-23): Auto Shot will be automatically enabled if the Hunter steps out of melee range while in combat with target. Although that macro looks interesting. When you gain combat experience, your pet gains experience. Macros are always the first step in that customizing process for the novice to learn and grow, as well as pick up a bit of coding. Sep 03, 2008 · Not the best or most indepth macro out there I guess but this is what I have used for the longest time on my hunter and still use it a ton to this day. #showtooltip /petattack /use Intimidation Send your pet to attack current target and use intimidation. Every Hunter should have this macro. The proc-per-minute system didn’t exist in Vanilla. It's just a one-button pet macro. Note: Gives “item not ready” warning because one of the two trinkets will be on cooldown. If its trash you can put serpent sting between auto shots, however do not use serpent sting on boss’s unless it has nature vulnerability. They call us lazy, we call it smart. You'll find the best spec, best gear, addons, to be the first hunter to reach lvl 60! Sep 25, 2019 · Hunter ability rotation aid, class module for Classic WoW Download. Hunter’s Mark Macro (with pet attack baked in)-> Auto Shot -> Serpent Sting -> Auto Shot -> Arcane Shot -> Auto shot till death If you need to burn the target integrate multishot which you get a level 18 in addition to more arcane shots. 18 Steady Shot, Auto Shot This used to bethe top DPS macro for hunters in the game. DKPminus is an enthusiast site for fans of legacy versions of World of Warcraft. We can’t fight rogues and warrio atm. August 11th - 7:00 PM GMT +2 After years of battling monsters and rival factions on Elysium’s Vanilla servers, The Dar . Just spam/mash this macro a few times to Feign Death if you're in combat. Auto Shot is a basic attack that allows hunters to fire their ranged weapons repeatedly until canceled. Guide to playing a hunter Vanilla WoW Wiki FANDOM. 02 kB Downloads: 4177 Updated: Jun 28, 2015 Categories: Combat Download Description Please sign-in with the following login form. You use this to time the usage of your skills so that you maintain as high a DPS as possible. 3 when the macro command for Auto Shot was changed. Thus you hunters should really prefer raising your Ranged Attack Power as much as you can. As strange as it might sound to have a macro for something as simple as Auto Shot, this is actually pretty  19 Jan 2020 Classic Hunter Macro Templates. Warrior Macros for Vanilla World of Warcraft-----Start-attack-macro (Place your basic skill "Attack" in action slot number 24, which is the right-most action slot in the hidden action bar that you can access by shift + mouse-scrolling-up): on all 3 stance bars. The boosts to the hunter’s ranged damage turn him from being simply a powerful ranged attacker to a deadly expert marksman. Personally, I take this as a bug, but even so, this is the BEST DPS MACRO FOR A BM HUNTER. Keep in mind that Autoshot animation takes some time and that’s a problem: an Autoshot itself is considered casted, but the arrow and especially the damage numbers upon the mob appear a bit later. Once you’ve opened the Macros window, you have to: Pick a tab (General Macros or character-specific ones) Warrior Macros for Vanilla World of Warcraft-----Start-attack-macro (Place your basic skill "Attack" in action slot number 24, which is the right-most action slot in the hidden action bar that you can access by shift + mouse-scrolling-up): on all 3 stance bars. Here are a few that I highly recommend… * Please note, all macros listed here are for baseline abilities only. Scatter Shot, Wyvern Sting, and Freezing Trap share diminishing returns. mediafire. Username or Email Address Password Remember Me Go to WP login page Very important to have this macro in raids (BWL and AQ40). Sep 01, 2019 · Hunter / Wand Bars The shot bars track the player's Auto Shot / Shoot timing and also track the cast time for Aimed Shot and Multi-Shot. 8 Views: 13918 Views File size: 40. Nu som level-85 heroic instans. They will increase your DPS, allow you to be more aware of your surroundings, let you react to surprise things like others attacking you, and they will make you more fluid with your character. Aug 23, 2019 · We're partial to a Leatherworking/Skinning Hunter as the combo works well, given you can craft your own gear. When you are done editing or creating macros, click the "x&quot; in the top right-hand side of the box to close the macro window. There were some significant changes to macros in 3. Once you do the Fel Hunter Quest to get Box of Souls (Unless you buy one off the Auction House sooner) You can set up this handy macro which you will find at the bottom of the explanation. You have to spam it a few times before you will FD, but it DOES work. Ok our job as hunters within raids is ranged dps (Burst DPS), tranqing, kiting and using utility with our traps and pets to aid the raid. Works in World of Warcraft patch 5. May 19, 2019 · Please try to refrain from spam in this topic. Det var betydligt svårare än nu för tiden kan jag meddela. so basicly your getting 2 auto shots off in a little under 1 auto shot. Target Nearest Enemy / Anti-Rogue macro. Vanilla Wow private server is easy to customize and has low PC requirements. This macro will cast the pet spells needed according to the situation Hunters were the EZ mode class in vanilla and in BC not much has changed, except now you can't just /AFK auto shoot. 9th February 2019. Lens: 105mm F2. Macro for Wow: Leveling with one button auto shot start attack for Hunters. And yes hunter need this fix , or els I’m going to a PVE server. By default it uses Call Pet 1 Jun 12, 2019 · The Hunter rotation is based around maximizing your Auto Shot usage. Request a consultation with your local window-treatment specialist who will work with you to determine your specific needs, considering important factors such as your window shapes and sizes, lighting and privacy Oct 11, 2011 · WoW keybindings are shortcuts that enables you to use any ability. A Hunter’s Frost Trap ground effect will break players out of stealth. As a note, I’m using druid spells as examples in this post, but mouseover macros will work for any healer. If you feel the need to chime in and cover some ground, of which I’m sure that I’ve missed, feel free to do so! I’m open minded for all questions and suggestions regarding the guide and I … Vanilla Classic WoW Hunter Guide Read More » Here are some of my own hunter macros I just wrote up. Classic port of the rais_Autoshot addon for Vanilla WoW - Zarant/rais_AutoShot Below is an auto shot macro that will allow you to keep autoshot active without accidentally canceling it so long as you pull with the hotkey you have this macro bound to, change the (insert hotkey macro is bound to here) to the button you have the macro on. No matter the expansion when you play as a hunter, a macro to force your pet to switch to the enemy you’re currently targeting is always a good idea. Var man inte fullt gäng i instansen så kunde man glömma det hela. I started hardcore raiding in Legion with FatSharkYes. giver or take (mostlikely take) 50-100. Feb 03, 2020 · To open the in-game Macro interface, type "/macro" or "/m". Classic Wow Hunter Macros on Vanilla Wow Hunter. ZAutoShot Casting bar for auto shot. I was going for a scenario/personality based macros rather than action-specific macros. ; If you just want a spammable Auto Shot macro, here it is: Macros in World of Warcraft can be very powerful and a useful way to optimize or save on keybinds. Melee: The Melee macro can be  9 Sep 2015 If getting invested isn't your thing, leveling is made easier on a hunter with our pet and strong physical attacks Unfortunately, many of the commands I was so familiar with didn't function on Nostalrius, and I've had quite a hard time finding reliable sources of Vanilla macros online. Hunter, the indisputable king of farming and power leveling, is very versatile in the End-Game. Briankoponen. Most our services are to be found on the web page of the TwinStar project, under which Kronos belongs. Send in your pet to attack, start shooting and cast Hunter's Mark on your target. 1. Hunter's Mark #showtooltip /cleartarget [dead][help] /targetenemy [noexists] /cast Hunter's Mark. If in melee range, it will melee attack instead. The largest world of warcraft vanilla addon library on the internet. 2. When you add a spell to MouseOver, the addon create a macro and replace all occurrences of this spell in your action bars by the macro. With nearly all of these macros, except the two pet macros, I use the red question mark icon. 5 seconds to have enough rage for 1 Sunder armor. Features When buying, displays sorted […] Jan 11, 2018 · Few things in Vanilla provided so much fun. If you are going to use it in some forum please provide source to this page! Also check out our Vanilla wow server list! Vanilla 1-60 WoW was a huge speedrun project I worked on full time from 2004 - 2007 during the times of 1-60 Vanilla WoW. account random *** cheats, macros, keys, accounts, digital products and services *** vanilla valorant. I agree that it seems to suck the “hunter-ness” out of the hunter. Classicwowhunter. Thanks to a wide range of utility abilities, high movement speed, loyal animal companion, and the ability to deal decent Damage while not fully geared, He performs very well in the initial End-Game Dungeons and Raids of Classic. com, the official website for Vanilla Botter, a bot for World of Warcraft 1. Where even if you press Auto Shot Again it doesn’t cancel or toggle auto shot off. For raisautoshot you only need to disable the bongo cast bar in character panel > add-ons, but you can still use bongo ofc, I use bongos but I just don't use the castbar of bongos. General  Vanilla WoW Lazy Hunter Macros Vanilla WoW Guides. Ranged Macros, Feed Pet Macro, Ranged Macros, Feign Death Freezing Trap Macro, Wing Clip Macro. One example is the Pet Assist macro with the idea of the pet being called to assist the hunter. #showtooltip Tracker's Net /cancelaura Aspect of the Turtle /cast [@focus, nomod] Tracker's Net; [modifier:shift] Tracker's Net Apr 27, 2016 · Hello, I am starting out new and it's been a while since I have played Vanilla WoW. Classic Addons Guides 1 Druid Addons Guide 2 Hunter Addons Guide 3 Mage Addons Guide 4 Paladin Addons Guide 5 Priest Addons & Macro Guide 6 Rogue Addons Guide 7 Shaman Addons Guide 8 Warlock Addons Guide 9 Warrior Addons Guide /cast Hunter’s Mark /cast Auto Shot /petattack. From there, pick an icon (if you want), paste the macro code, and click save. The pethappiness conditions check for the various states of your (hunter) pets happiness. The macro statement contains the name of the macro definition and usually some variable parameter information. Perfrom auto shot, run in a few yards to auto attack swing + mongoose bite, jog back out to auto shot + arcane shot, run back in to melee. Autoshot, Multishot, auto shot, Aimedshot, auto shot, auto shot – Repeat. 13) addons, THIS is the page with those addons. To macro Auto Shot well in Vanilla you need the spell somewhere on your bars. all with 1 key press. 1+ speed weapon. world of warcraft (23) battle for azeroth (13) classic wow (11) vanilla wow (9) beta (7) official vanilla (7) classic (6) leveling (6) world of warcraft classic (5) wow classic (4) crafted items (2) public test realm (2) solo (2) Demon Hunter (1) alliance (1) alpha build (1) alt (1) character (1) classic release date (1) darkmoon faire (1) dual Automatically shoots the target until cancelled. Auto Shot Review Before I discuss Aimed Shot, i’d like to review NOTE: This page is archived. Become a part of the old Vanilla world. macro commands and conditionals. Note: There is a hidden “retry” timer that occurs if the hunter is moving when the normal swing timer finishes. WoW classic addon library. That means use Multi-shot first, then arcane shot, and finally steady shot if the others are on CD. August 7, 2019, 1:50 PM. 4 Siege of Orgrimmar for Mists of Pandaria! Hunters are an extremely fun class and, if played properly, very successful pvp class. 2019 Autoshot Macro. Dec 28, 2009 · *a botting hunter who had no aspect, was throwing autoshot only and was randomly walking across Violet Hold laying down a trap in the same exact random spot and wouldn’t respond in party. 3 – Hunter’s Mark – I desperately need to change this to something more useful. Aug 29, 2019 · WoW Classic is live and with it comes the task of rewriting all of your macros and figuring out with ones you need in order to play your class well. The challenge for Marksman Hunters is the varying cooldown duration of the shots you use to weave into your Auto-Shots, as well as your varying attack speed. Readme License. News. Once you have a target selected you click the macro button, and it determines if you are in melee or bow/gun range. Beans hunter macros. This is a topic containing grind spots from lvl 10-60 both for Horde and Alliance. One type of macro that you will never see me go into a great deal of detail about is the cast sequence macro as these are clearly about preference and speculation. During that time I have produced a very useful 1-60 Vanilla WoW Horde leveling guide and a 1-60 Vanilla WoW Speedrun Video. Whenever you use an ability, it has the potential to delay your Auto Shot if your Auto Shot is off cooldown and ready to go, meaning most of the time, you will want to use abilities in the down time between Auto Shot uses. *mouthy dps who can’t hit 1k [despite my hubby’s level 75 pally being able to pull 1800 with spikes to 2k]. Aug 01, 2017 · 2. Reply With Quote 2008-11-20, 06:52 PM #14 Hunter Class Guide Based on the original guide written by Cruzix January 2017 Main Attributes and Stat Values Main Attributes. This checks the spec you are currently in. Fifth line (#5) follows the same logic of Auto shot. /cast Hunter's Mark(Rank #) /script PetAttack();-----1a macro: casta Scatter shot e mette il Pet in Passive Mode /cast Scatter Shot(Rank #) /script PetPassiveMode(); 2a macro: casta Feign Death e mette il Pet in Passive Mode /cast Feign Death /script PetPassiveMode(); Jun 02, 2017 · if you are playing ZA, I suggest you to add /stop attack before every shot, so your auto shot never bugs, for example: /stopattack /cast Aim shot also if you have, share more macros here Edited June 2, 2017 by darnel Apr 20, 2019 · In the Burning Crusade, Hunters could use 1 macro for maximum dps with Beast Mastery Spec. For this years anniversary you can get a free 14 day extension, both as a new customer and if you have ever used the paid version of Vanilla Botter in the past. By gaining abilities such as Silencing Shot, Readiness, Chimera Shot and others, the Marksmanship Hunter focuses all his attention on dishing out damage to his foes from afar by utilizing his expertise with ranged weapons. Also, many of these macros use modifier keys to alter their functionality. Guides, Theorycrafting, BiS-lists, Spreadsheets for the Rogue Class in Classic WoW Nostalrius was all about the nostalgia and memories of the glorious vanilla days. Ones I have tested on Classic WoW = (Works on Classic) 4 SPELL BUTTON (Works on Classic) #showtooltip /cast [modifier:shift] SPELL1; [modifier:ctr] SPELL2; [modifier:alt] SPELL3 Brian left a comment in my Shot Rotation for Dummies post, wondering about shot rotation macros for Marksman Hunters. #showtooltip aimed shot /cast !aimed shot /cast !auto shot /cancelaura aspect of the pack Mar 11, 2019 · The following list is the ten best hunter macros to use in the Battle for Azeroth expansion. Freezing Trap is placed first so that when you're not in combat, you can still use this macro. Recently, I now have fully remastered my 1-60 Horde leveling guide for Classic WoW and have made a Auctionator Auctionator is a World of Warcraft addon designed for casual auction house users with the goal of improving usability. The first thing you should know is that, like addons, the macros are based on the same API as the current game. Hunter PvE Guide - Spec, Rotation, Macros, BiS Gear The ultimate PvE guide for Hunters. It also cancels your aspect of the turtle incase you have it up when you want to use your tracker's net. Concussive Will only   This macro will mark your target, start Auto Shot and send in your pet, all at once. Hunter macros. Vanilla för den delen. To give your own macros a whirl, click macros in the game menu, then select new. You'll find all of the WoW Classic Druid Macros that I have found online and considered useful. We don’t know if you truly felt like it was the glory days while playing here, but we hope that you will keep good memories of the time spent here. This will automatically activate when a hunter uses any offensive ranged ability (with the exception of Scatter Shot). In case you don’t find the answer, you can try asking on our IRC. help me plz!! Hunter Macros: Combat Auto Shot and Steady Shot Rotation with Kill Command This macro will cast Auto Shot and Steady Shot in alternating order and activates Kill Command when it's not on cooldown. EU Horde - Warsong Feenix - Hosted by Shivtr. Hunters can sometimes experience a slight delay before recasting Auto Shot after moving. kzt valorant esp+aim. 0 (2005-09-22): Fixed a bug where switching targets would cancel Auto Shot. It will cast Hunter’s Mark, send your pet to attack, then use a trinket and finally start auto shooting. Macro Tags: Here is a few guidelines/tips/tricks you can use in order to improve yourself as a Hunter in vanilla. Class: Hunter. Use /zhunter … Jul 25, 2019 · This macro got its name because it gives almost complete control over your pet in a single button while also taking advantage of the focus targeting system. If you find an Addon that has a broken download link or any other problem, please Contact me!. HandyNotes_LightningPaw by voroido. These ads disappear when you log in. 8. One Stop Pet Care Shop. --The Macro-- #showtooltip Steady Shot /script May 01, 2020 · This macro allows you to tracker's net your target or your focus target if you hold shift. 1 client version of World of Warcraft. I can tell without looking which toon he’s playing by the sound of the keyboard. Welcome to VanillaBotter. For an explanation on the macros: Update Video: Start Attacking One Button #showtooltip Auto Shot /cleartarget [dead][help] … Auto Shot. Just be sure to kill non-gray mobs. It will also take screenshots when you level up, get an honorable kill and complete a battleground. Classic Hunter Macros (Vanilla to Classic Conversion) This topic has been deleted. Als Jäger solltet ihr dringend ein Makro für euren Automatischen Schuss haben. Guide Type: Classes. Thus I use the following macro to incorporate setting focus into my Hunter's Mark button. Make a Tranquilizing Shot rotation prior to killing the boss, so every hunter will get to shoot their Tranq and you won't suffer from cooldowns. Instructions: Nothing, use as is or remove either or all of the trinket (/use) lines if you prefer. We’ve compiled up to date and accurate information for WoW private servers, we have a robust list of compatible WoW addons, and a list of comprehensive World of Warcraft guides! May 22, 2018 · Home › Forums › Vanilla Wow Forum › Class Guides › Hunter › Pathetic's useful hunter macros Tagged: hunter , macro This topic contains 1 reply, has 2 voices, and was last updated by Chubbin 1 year, 2 months ago . 3 Beast Mastery Hunter DPS guide written by Meeres. 10. Feb 03, 2010 · Hunter Pets Guide for Vanilla World of Warcraft We get this question at least once a day on the forums: "What is the best pet?" The answer is complicated and it's silly to be saying "it depends" all the time, and tiresome to continually point people at Petopia, so I thought I'd make this thread to lay the question to rest. Here are some basic macros to help you out in Classic World of Warcraft. 2 – Mongoose Bite / Raptor Strike macro – I switch to this macro if the target is already clipped and I am unable to get range. It helped that the Level 20 Paladin quest awarded Verigan’s Fist, a nice, blue two-handed mace that would outclass anything else a leveling Paladin would see for 20 more levels. Rogue is taptaptaptaptap as he spams keys. Highlights: (Stop reading now if beta mechanics aren't what you're into) Aimed Shot is being reverted to its Vanilla flavor. class guides, guides, hunter, hunter guide, vanilla wow guides 1) Overview and intro. 0. Here in 2019 somehow blizzard made it bug out. Flash of Light Macro /equip Libram of Divinity /cast Flash of Light Quick Heal Macro /equip Libram of Divinity /qh . Macro Limit Classic Wow Hunter Macros on Vanilla Wow Hunter. ) Apr 21, 2016 · General Macros: Spammable Auto Attack Macro w/ Melee and Ranged swapping: This will use your bow or wand auto attack if your target is at range OR ELSE it will use a melee auto attack if the target comes too close. Learn how a price is determined . I tried a few macro’s listed below. RIP. #showtooltip Hunter's Mark /cast [harm] Hunter's Mark; Aug 29, 2019 · Even if you aren’t a Priest, macros like this can be modified to make similar macros for any class and spell. In BC Hunter DPS comes down to one macro that repeatedly casts Steady Shot while allowing for your auto shots to weave in between the casts, also activating Kill Command when it procs. We will see a fix , or els this is not hunter vanilla gaming. Currently I am playing 9 classes actively and will be playing Hunter as my main alt in Ny Aug 11, 2006 · Note: These 2 macros are meant to be spam-hit to work. HandyNotes_LightningPaw By voroido. Hope it helps some of you Enjoy *****Download Link***** http://www. Not sure which version of WoW you're playing, but BM hunters should always use a 1:1 due to Serpent's swiftness effectively bringing every 3. That means Id have to auto for 9. Use /zhunter to access options. I love ranged physical classes, and pets are nice, however I know that I dislike a lot of the micro-management involved. 7. /use Claw(Basic Attack) /use Bite(Basic Attack) /use Smack(Basic Attack) -- However, when I apply this t May 22, 2018 · Home › Forums › Vanilla Wow Forum › Class Guides › Hunter › Pathetic's useful hunter macros Tagged: hunter , macro This topic contains 1 reply, has 2 voices, and was last updated by Chubbin 1 year, 2 months ago . 11 Steady Shot, !Auto Shot /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear(); UIErrorsFrame:Show() I know that personally they've made my hunter MUCH more enjoyable to play. #showtooltip /cast Hunter's Mark /cast Auto Shot /petattack General Hunter's Mark - Pet Attack - Pet Recall (All-In-One) This macro pretty much does everything you need it to do when it comes to starting or quickly stopping a fight. This macro performs a very basic one button pet combat-management function, but as you can see it's quite long >< Third line (#3) is making the autoshot to fire before chimera shot. com Macros in World of Warcraft can be very powerful and a useful way to optimize or save on keybinds. Description: Click this macro once to /petattack, once to /petfollow if already attacking, and once to /petattack your new target IF already currently /petattacking something else. This helps to alleviate some of that. A naked MM hunter will partially lose damage compared to BM-MM if we take pet into account 60*901,5(Auto Shot) + 30*1628,7(Aimed Shot) + 15*1175,6(Multi-Shot) + 223*180  13 Jun 2017 /castsequence reset=2. Dec 08, 2008 · This macro started ages ago on the WoW Hunter Forums. Macro per Fare l' Hunte Mark e imposta il Pet in attack mode. INCLUDES: ZAspect, ZTrap, ZTrack, ZPet Spell button bars to save space. (I realize BM could be more complicated, especially pet management, and non-macro BM hunters would actually have to time their shots. This Macro is one I put together just today, and have been using it and LOVING it. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Alas, the original developer for the addon is back on the original Nost forums, as far as I know; I'm not sure if they're here, or if they would have any other answer for you. Learn how to raid with a Marksmanship Hunter competitively in patch 8. It requires that you have Call Pet & Revive Pet and will use your player's Focus marker. a guest May 28th, 2017 142 Never Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up ("Auto Shot"); end. As you can see I have it press the = key every 10 seconds which is the key I have my macro bound to, the macro will delete the Soul Shard in the bottom right Kommentar von 8389 this is a very useful attack,because one thing is that there are very little items in game and very few ways to build up a strong arcane resistance,meaing more damage less resistance and mana,its very good improved also,anoyther thing is it always hits with a few more damage points than it says ,very mana efficient and worth wile,great while chasing a runnner in PVP Jul 29, 2009 · Macros can make life a lot easier for Hunters, especially within the realm of PvP combat. /script if (ZorlencanAttack ()) then CastSpellByName(“Auto Shot”);if (not castHawk()) then castCheetah();  30 Jun 2019 165 comments. This addon organizes auction listings logically by prices and stack size for easy purchasing. It displays a bar that fills based on the timing of your weapon. Jun 28, 2015 · « Back to All Downloads (0) « » Download Details Author: Alex Version: 0 Views: 11163 Views File size: 32. Re: Vanilla WoW hunter pet list? Unread post by Boven » Tue Jun 09, 2015 4:25 pm Dang, I remember preparing for a long camp to try to tame Broken Tooth, then coming across him while I was setting up in a location where I could Eagle Eye his spawn points. So the Auto-Steady rotation is not only more mana efficient than other rotations (and thus lasts longer), but the fast speed at which you are firing more than makes up for the slower Buy & Sell Cheap World of Warcraft Classic Gold at reliable game store 5mmo. 1). Effects in Raid The number of potions per Raid fight will change. A selection of useful wow Hunter macros. I'm sure you can't make 1 do Hunter's Mark and then Autoshot in one button press because HM causes global cooldown (correct me if I'm wrong, haven't played a Hunter for ages) /cast !Auto Shot This is a simple macro that makes it so you cannot cancel your Auto Shot if you spam the button. It will display a timer that will tell you when your auto-shot is ready to go. If in melee range, it will cast Wing Clip. Der Schaden des automatischen Schusses ist  Vanilla WoW - VanillaGaming » Class Discussion » Hunter » How to Hunter Macros / Addons (From TKA something Dec. In addition, it will automatically select the next nearest target  28 Aug 2012 Macro for Wow: Leveling with one button auto shot start attack for Hunters. /script CastSpellByName(“ Hunter's Mark”);PetAttack();CastSpellByName(“Auto Shot”);. Dec 29, 2008 · 1 – Wing Clip / Raptor Strike Macro – I use this a ton. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Zul'Gurub var den första raidinginstans som jag spelade på det som det var den högsta man kunde spela när man nått 'end play' i Vanilla WoW (level 60-tiden). Guide originally from TKA Something. Home; Vanilla 1. ClassicMacros - Bringing retail macro commands to classic ClassicSnowFall - Cast Abilities on KeyDown ClassicMouseover - Mouseover casting support for Vanilla Classicaddons - Repository with a massive amount of AddOns (Last updated: 21 May 2016) ClassPortraits - replaces 2D portraits with a class icon CMap - Backport of SexyMap WoW's macro system is deliberately unable to cast multiple spells with a single keypress except in very specific circumstances; this is to discourage botting/cheating. It is the best way to maximize your DPS by timing your AutoShot correctly. As strange as it might sound to have a macro for something as simple as Auto Shot, this is actually pretty important. 12 The goal of this page is to provide an overview and list of commands related to the RoM Macro System. A BM hunters with a FASTER WEAPON will use the 1:1 macro. I did not play a hunter in vanilla, so i’m hoping some vanilla (retail) hunter experts can help me determine if this is a bug or not. world-of-warcraft lua vanilla hunter addon Resources. 2. Pressing Auto Shot for a 2nd time also does the same. The following are the best pet attack macros for each class of hunter. This timer checks for hunter movement before trying to resume auto shot, and this timer refreshes every 500ms when the hunter is moving. 0 (2005-10-10): Auto Shot is now canceled when you die. setxp rate 1 or 15, To present an option for both types of players; those who prefer to experience leveling process and low level content in vanilla wow as it was and at a blizzlike pace and for those who enjoy the process and content but do not prefer to spend many days / weeks at them; mainly aiming for the 후티아, 디구 and 구미 are rare enough and popular hunter tames, so are also included for the sake of completeness! You'll spam press a macro button created by Rare Love but when the add-on itself kicks in there is a whole lot more, including progress tallies after each kill/love. Aug 24, 2007 · This is the first half of the chapter “Creating Advanced Macros” in the ExtremeTech book “Hacking World of Warcraft. 12 client. By 2Fang on 2009/12/20 at 7:21 PM (Patch 3. Auto Shot Feb 03, 2010 · Hunter Pets Guide for Vanilla World of Warcraft We get this question at least once a day on the forums: "What is the best pet?" The answer is complicated and it's silly to be saying "it depends" all the time, and tiresome to continually point people at Petopia, so I thought I'd make this thread to lay the question to rest. Believe me, loss of this time is no use for you and due to that time (and, of course, ping) you’ll become a good hunter of regular and the best Available Hunter Addons Aimed Shot(For when using Flare Macro with Track Hidden) Readiness - Insurence Disengages with Cloak and Master's Call + Wing Clip Nearest Target - With Freezing Arrow Secured Kill Shot Secured Scatter Shot Steady Shot - Track Humanoid for those who use Flare with Track Hidden Pet Immobilize - All Around Pet… Aug 27, 2008 · Edit: 12 May 09 - I will be overhauling this post in the near future to update the macros for 3. They work as intended, but if I press auto shot again it turns auto shot off and the hunter animation is constantly recasting auto shot. 2 Feb 2020 A good one keybind macro for your melee weaving. #showtooltip Steady Shot /cast [target=pettarget,nodead,exists] Kill Command /castsequence reset=2/target !Auto Shot, Steady Shot Jan 23, 2017 · Once i found this addon it has helped so much. After Antorus I joined Method and since then I have been playing with them. /cast Auto Shot /cast Hunter's Mark This macro will target an enemy, this will be the enemy directly ahead of you and within range. It was written by Uncas and is a terrific post regarding how to Flash of Light Macro /equip Libram of Divinity /cast Flash of Light Quick Heal Macro /equip Libram of Divinity /qh . Pressing this will always start an Auto Shot. 8 EX DG OS HSM Macro Shutter: 1/250 second Aperture: f18 ISO Setting: 100 Description: Cute, furry, and infinitely frenetic, Southern flying squirrels are a lot of fun. Pet Attack #showtooltip Vanilla Only Macros from below this point This macro (technically a set of three macros) lets you bind your Melee attacks and AutoShot attack to a single button. Buy cheap World of Warcraft products. This will allow you to time your Multi Shot and Aimed Shot perfectly in-between your auto-shot, maximising DPS. Guides, Theorycrafting, BiS-lists, Spreadsheets for the Hunter Class in Classic WoW Aug 24, 2016 · Any type of "swing timer" so you can move during the 2. A lot of this is reposted from different pieces on the forums. The most essential addon for any hunter is an auto-shot timer. Set up your client according to our guide. 1 - AUTO SHOT. You will need to edit the macro to specify which Call Pet to use. E you put your charge macro on button [6] on all 3 stance bars. 25 backplane alpha 1 change Auto Shot Cooldown color to Green This is a list of vanilla macros that have been converted to the Retail macro system. it will use riposte when ever possible instead of Sinister strike, if its not possible, he keeps using sinister Strike, Simple or? xD [it is necessary that Riposte is binded to the key n] Alternative : Mar 06, 2008 · A BM hunter with a SLOWER WEAPON will use the 3:2 macro. How about TrackerAssist or TrapBar? Are there Hunter leveling guide 1-60 for Classic WoW Check out our hunter leveling guide 1-60 on Wow Classic / Vanilla to help you leveling faster. Tailoring works well for casters, especially when paired with Enchanting Macros allow you to create personal and cool special commands that you can do at the touch of a button. 1 client version of World of Warcraft and require this addon: Zorlen is a function library that provides tons of benefits and is used throughout all the macros. The create macros window should appear. MACRO 16777222 " " Ability_ImpalingBolt Get great Wow hunter macros that work every time. Wow classic minimap tracker Unfortunately Engineering is not yet implemented, but the hunter stuff seems to be mostly there. My Engage macro was greatly helped by Xerron, knowing that the CheckInteractDistance() will work on npcs. Fast delivery. To make a basic mouseover macro, go in your character-specific macros window and click “New. Feb 24, 2020 · Welcome to our Macros guide for Hunters where you will find out what the best macros are for your Hunter in WoW Classic. I have a lot of experience with Vanilla private servers, so its fresh in my mind. #showtooltip Auto Shot; / targetenemy [noexists][dead][help]  1. com/file/lthyfecdl8v2yoq/rais_Aut Jan 21, 2017 · Looking at the linked tank conversion numbers: Lets say I hit with my 1. Vanillagaming offers you balanced rates; 1x or 15x XP changeable via in-game command . /cast Auto Shot. This macro will make you even faster. (MUG 29 "Vanilla Sky" = Orange Glory x Tupac) MUG is Peter's international shortcut. Option 4 Tip: Tells pet to attack target and if in ranged attack distance, it will cast viper or serpent, depending on whether or not the target has mana. --The Macro--#showtooltip Steady Shot /script UIErrorsFrame:Hide() /cast [exists,target=pettarget] Kill Command /castsequence reset=2. Aura. Many of these are advanced macros that bind many skills to a single key. Blizzard's approach to macros (in-game or out) is that one keypress should trigger only one action. Each macro is tested in World of Warcraft patch 5. ”It will provide you with a fundamental understanding of macros, such as Vanilla Wow Hunter - Guide, Addons, Macros, Pets - Pet skills, PVP items, Pre-Raid BiS list, Talents, Rotation and PVP reputation rewards Auto Shot does not make a sound when cast during the animation of Hunter’s Mark and certain other abilities. Read more. It counts when you pet kills one. A green “Hunter Spider” of the species Micrommata (probably ligurinum) on a young Cereus forbesii forma spiralis: Photo by Peter Mügge (Germany): Hooverfly on Echinopsis Hyb. Most importantly, it runs lean and clean. If auto shot is half of the hunter's damage, losing a third of that is like losing 15% of your total damage! On the other hand, let's suppose a similiar shot speed and the hunter waits to cast steady shot until the next auto shot finishes. I have my mount  19 Dec 2013 If you don't add this line, Auto Shot won't begin until the Cobra Shot cast is complete. shaves soem times off your auto shots is allwith steady shots added in, meaning you can get a few more off. This specific macro can be found at this link. Option 3 /cast Hunter’s Mark /script PetAttack() /cast Auto Shot. #showtooltip /use [@mouseover,help,nodead][@player]Spirit Mend Use spirit mend on your mouseover target else on yourself Posted: (1 days ago) This is a nice lazy macro for initiating a fight; it will auto-target the nearest hostile, send your pet in to attack, use Auto Shot and cast Hunter's Mark at the same time. Start attack is never necessary in a macro unless the only thing you want to turn on is your auto shot. Eventually this should be tied to the Addons section once the full API documentation is posted. Just substitute in your spells of choice! Examples. Id get 3. The Classic Hunter has kind of a tricky rotation, there wont be a “Raid Capable” one button macro, because special shots need to be woven between autoshot, but I should be able to put something together that will be good for PVP, Dungeons, and World Content. The material herein was valid in pre-B. RemindMe! 2 HOURS "Lazy hunter macro" level 1 Jul 19, 2018 · AutoShot is a fun addon that automatically takes screenshots at various times. Aug 27, 2019 · Auto Shot does not make a sound when cast during the animation of Hunter’s Mark and certain other abilities. If you are going to use it in some forum please provide source to this page! Also check out our Vanilla wow server list! Aug 23, 2019 · We're partial to a Leatherworking/Skinning Hunter as the combo works well, given you can craft your own gear. If it's in bow/gun range it switches to Action Bar 1, casts your highest Rank hunters mark, turns on Autoshot, and send sends your pet in to attack. Contribute to Meridaw/Vanilla-Macros development by creating an account on GitHub. Wow macro commands: New conditionals added: [spec:1], [spec:2],[spec:3],[spec:4] . END. #showtooltip Auto Shot /cleartarget [dead] / targetenemy [noharm] 30 Jun 2019 in combat alpha 1 out of combat 0. 5 Agility) Oct 23, 2014 · Patch 2. BEANS HUNTER VANILLA MACROS . Use /zhunter … Apr 20, 2019 · In the Burning Crusade, Hunters could use 1 macro for maximum dps with Beast Mastery Spec. I’ looking for a way to stop this. /script PetAttack(); Classic Wow Hunter Macros on Vanilla Wow Hunter. Shot had cool downs so a Hunter's standard rotation was to use the cool downs of all of their abilities and then just wait for those cool downs to come back up all while just doing auto shot damage and with steady shot Hunters finally gained the ability to use during the downtime of waiting for their cool down abilities to come back up and they Jun 20, 2008 · In this example, the hunter is firing an auto shot only 2/3 as often as they could be. About Stanley All-in-One 2-Pot Camp Cook Set. Some pre-compilers also use the macro concept. autoshot macro hunter vanilla

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